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Campus Facilities

1. Student Cafeteria

To provide faculty and students with an ideal learning environment and to accommodate the lifestyles of dormitory students, buffet-style cafeteria has been established next to two student dormitories, the Hui-Chih and Lan-Hsin Halls, to provide dining services to all faculty and students. Multiple food zones are provided, each providing a variety of food and meal options daily.

2. Social Room

2-1 Tea Art Center

To provide faculty and students with a space for activities, a Chinese-style recreational social space is provided on the first floor of the Science & Technology Building. Tea and coffee are provided in this space for users. An outdoor wooden platform with wooden tables and seats is also provided.

2-2 Student Social Space

Because discussions and exchanges among teachers and students take place after class, this leisure space is provided in the teaching building for extracurricular interpersonal exchange and for students to share life experiences. This room features colorful tables and chairs to create a lively leisure environment.

Leisure Room

Corner Center

3. International Student Kitchen

To take care of the difference in food culture of international students, the 3rd floor of the School’s Elegance Building has the International Student Kitchen, which is roughly 3 pings in size and equipped with a counter, induction cooker, refrigerator, microwave oven, sideboard, and air purifier, convenient for international students to cook and eat healthily with peace of mind.

4. Religious Facility- prayer room

To craft a friendly campus environment and satisfy the needs of diverse religious beliefs among students, the 3rd floor of the School’s Elegance Building, the student dormitory, has a prayer room, which is roughly 3 pings in size, with lockers for students’ convenience of storing their prayer instruments, a qibla indicator pointing towards the direction of Mecca, and white walls that go with the floor of original wood color, creating an atmosphere that is warm, comfortable, peaceful, and harmonious.

5. Dining & Shopping

Sitting on the 1st floor and 2nd floor of the School’s Pondering Building and Elegance Building, and with an area of around 1,500 pings, the Dinning & Shopping plaza successfully draws in prestigiously branded shops providing services relating to food, catering, beauty care, groceries, and medical equipment, which shops include 21 Plus, Su Hung Restaurant 365, BaFang Dumpling, POYA, FamilyMart, and MedFirst Healthcare. The plaza’s spacious space and cozy environment, where diverse service experience is offered, brings better enjoyments to the lives of visitors and the School’s faculty and students alike.

For information on the shops and their business, refer to the Dinning & Shopping webpage on NTUNHS’s website, or to the Facebook fan page.


FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/medfirstntunhsplaza

6. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center

Sitting on the 3rd floor of the Pondering Building and with an area of about 400 pings, the Power Health Clinic in Tianmu has a rehabilitation sub-clinic and an exercise and health management center, where an one-stop professional health management service ranging from medical treatment to exercise is provided by professionals, e.g., physiatrists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. Aside from orthopedic rehabilitation, other services respecting early intervention for children, stroke, and motion control courses are also available.

Please refer to the following webpages for service items, business hours and exercise-related courses:



7. SPA Center

The SPA is available for the School’s faculty, staff, and students to carry out swimming teaching and training as well as other activities approved by the School, and is open to the general public during the business hours between 6 am and 10 pm.

For more activities and introductions, please refer to the SPA Center webpage on the School’s website, or to the Facebook fan page:



8. Convention Center

Sitting on the 11th floor of the Pondering Building, the Convention Center has 220 seats (including 4 seats for the physically challenged) and an interpreting booth. It is a newly- and perfectly-equipped conference space available for school and external units to hold an international conference or large-scale seminar. Guests are also provided with restaurants, convenient stores, and underground parking garage within the same building.

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