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The School’s Office of General Affairs comprises 5 sections, namely Clerical Management Section, General Service Section, Property Management Section, Cashier Section, and Construction and Maintenance Section, responsible for administrative work relating to document management, campus scenery, auxiliary facilities, accounting treatment, and communal facilities, respectively.

(I) General Service Section

Responsible for procurement of goods and services for the School; venue management for external booking; technician and worker management; car park planning and management; campus cleaning, greening, and beautification; garbage disposal and removal; recycling; and campus security petrol.

(II) Property Management Section

Responsible for chattel and real property management; academic dress lending; faculty/staff dormitory management; and school land and building management. Over the recent years, it has been actively allocated campus space, revitalized assets, and introduced private resources by means of public-private-partnership (PPP), in the hope to fully revitalize and utilize the campus space.

(III) Clerical Management Section

Responsible for maintenance and management of the School’s official letter system; management of the School’s documents and official letter exclusively in digital format; school-wide mail processing and seal-affixing request.

(IV) Cashier Section

Responsible for matters respecting the School’s collection, payment, income tax withholding, cashier books and statements, commercial notes, marketable securities, and lodged items in custody. To fulfill the ideal of digitalizing administrative work, and to improve work efficiency and quality, a computerized system is available for managing tuition and miscellaneous charge collection and payment, payment of salary and public money payable, income tax data, and cashier books and statements.

(V) Construction and Maintenance Section

Responsible for organizing the annual replacement and repair of equipment (e.g., air conditioning/water/electric/drinking water equipment); repairing and maintaining existing buildings; and coordinating the planning and execution of construction of school buildings.

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