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Contact information

Title Name Phone number E-mail
Dean of the Office of General Affairs

Li-tung Shen

02-28227101ext 2500 litung@ntunhs.edu.tw
Chief of the General Service Section

Po-hung Lin

02-28227101ext 2510 pohung@ntunhs.edu.tw
Chief of the Property Management Section

Li-ling Yu

02-28227101ext 2570 liling@ntunhs.edu.tw
Chief of the Clerical Management Section

Meng-meng Tsai

02-28227101ext 2520 mengmeng@ntunhs.edu.tw
Chief of the Cashier Section

Yu-fang Chen

02-28227101ext 2530 yufang@ntunhs.edu.tw
Chief of the Construction and Maintenance Section

Show-wen Lin

02-28227101ext 2550 showwen@ntunhs.edu.tw
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